Official Site of River City – Phase 3 amenities offer something for everyone.

thoughtful amenities for all

RC3’s imaginative, highly functional amenities go beyond the expected and take you into an exciting new model for living in the city’s core. Thoughtfully conceived to grow along with the people who use them, they don’t just cater to young singles (although lots of options there), they offer something for every life stage, need and interest.

From a fully equipped 2,000 square foot fitness facility to an extended office space for work-at-home types, from a cool kid-worthy playroom to a hobby room where you can channel your inner craftsman, and from a pet cleaning station to a “product library" where you can rent those things you sometimes need but don't have enough of a reason to actually own, RC3 thoughtfully offers something for everyone and all circumstances.

Designed by Claude Cormier, one of Canada’s most respected and certainly its most imaginative landscape architect, RC3’s outdoor amenity spaces are asthoughtful as the ones inside. Taking S+P’s architectural vision as a starting point, Cormier has crafted an eclectic, beautiful and highly functional outdoor space for all residents of River City Phase 3.


Kids’ playroom

RC3’s family-friendly approach isn’t just lip service. Our playroom gives young families the perfect place to keep their kids busy – and to get to know other kids and parents in the building. Kids stay engaged climbing a play structure, playing with toys and games, and creating art at small people tables and chairs. 

Reading room

It’s every reader’s dream – a cozy escape that’s specifically designed for kicking back with a good book. RC3’s reading room isn’t like any library you’ve ever been in. An intimately darkened and quiet zone, it comes with comfy chairs and bean bags, each individually illuminated with private arced floor lights. A quiet place of respite in a harried world.

Hobby and craft room

Now here’s a creative idea – offer a room that has the work surfaces, tools and supplies needed to build, craft and create, and let people loose. Attend workshops, learn how to use tools, and generally get comfortable with everything from jewelry making to woodworking in this innovative space.